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Updating my challenge money

May 29th, 2007 at 10:10 am

392.09 = old balance
+80.00 savings
472.09 = new balance

I have not been updating my savings to my $20 challenge, so I have a lot to update here.
Not eating lunch out = 10 days X $4 per day = $40 savings.

Saved $10 with coupons on Saturday.

Got another $30 CVS gift card for transferring a prescription. Used the $30 gift card to buy things we normally use. In other words, I feel like I really saved $30.

This is how I do my challenge. Things that I really have to work for; clip coupons, watch the adds, shop around.

And, I love to eat out, so not eating out is a sacrifice for me, and I add that money.

$7000 windfall (in a way)

May 21st, 2007 at 01:16 pm

I have exciting news! But first let me give you some background.

My son has been going to a technical school for about a year, and he still has a year to go. He gets pretty down about the daily grind of it all.
He has to get up at 5 am and drive an hour, five days a week, to get to his school. Then drive home, or go to work at his fast food job. And sometimes he doesn't get home from his job until very late at night and then do it all again.

My son is raising his 3-year-old son. The mother is not in the picture. They live with us and I help raise my grandson.

When my son first started the school he had to get some student loans, and if my husband or I co-signed for him, he got a lot better interest rate. So I did co-sign with him.

Then I started listening to Dave Ramsey, who you know says "never co-sign for anyone."
Well, I hated to tell my son no about co-signing for him the last time around -- when the school wanted some more money; but I had faith in what Dave Ramsey said, because I really did not want to have that debt on my financial record anyway.

Well, it seems my son has been doing some talking to some of his school friends about their loans, and questioning the financial aid office at his school.

Then this morning they tell him that they overlooked, or made a mistake or something like that. And they failed to offer him a $7000.00 PELL GRANT that he was entitled to.

Whoa Baby! $7000.00 that my son or me will not have to pay back on student loans!!!!! Now that is some good news!!!

So, I get to wondering about this. Did this happen because I did not co-sign for my son, maybe he started paying more attention to these loans he is incurring, and asking the questions he should have asked in the first place. I have let him handle all of the financial aid people. Anyway, I am very proud of my son for finding this error and bringing it to their attention.

Or maybe, as I have talked about before, the rule is true. That when you start taking care of and respecting your money, then more money can unexpectantly come to you.
Now, I absolutely believe in the power of prayer. And I no that God does take care of those who help themselves.
I am very grateful to God for this occurence in our lives at this time.

This made my son feel a lot better about his life and the hard work he has done toward this educational goal with family obligations, and financial hardhsips.
(Not to mention $3.00 per gallon gasoline)

Suze Orman said there is plenty of money in the world, more than you would ever need, but you do have to pay attention, and attract more of it to you.

Mother's Day Trip

May 14th, 2007 at 10:54 am

DGS and I went to visit relatives for mother's day and we had an excellent time.
It was a 4 1/2 hour drive, and three-year-old DGS was really good. He didn't sleep any on the way over, but had a good 3-hour nap on the way home yesterday.
I was exhausted when we got back and didn't make it in to work until noon today. Good thing my work is easy to get along with.
We did very well with our spending while gone. I brought snacks and drinks for us and didn't spend very much money for eating along the road.
I got to be with my mother for her mother's day. She is 84 so that was very special to me.
She is in very good health and her mind is still very good. Such a blessing.

Brown baggin' it

May 9th, 2007 at 09:32 am

another delicious sandwich for lunch yesterday.
I save so much money if I don't go out to eat, but sometimes I let myself go out, because I enjoy it so much. But, I don't need a lot of extra calories that I would get from eating out right now. I've lost three pounds in the past month on my way to losing 25 more.
add $4 to my challenge money.

Talking to adult children about money

May 9th, 2007 at 09:27 am

I am going to ask my kids DD (26 years old, but still going to college)
and DS (23-years-old, going to trade school and raising my grandchild) to start paying their car insurance and their part of our Cingular phone bill if they can.
My DH is working again (claims adjuster) but we have had to put stuff on the cc's and we are having to pay interest on them again. Yuck!!!!
We have helped our kids a lot money wise, now if they could help us out while DH gets back to bringing in some money it would be so helpful.
I am thinking of getting a second job if something doesn't change soon, but I really think I should try to get our adult children to pay their bills before their 53-year-old mother has to work a second job.
I am venting a little here, and it does feel good to get it out.
WE have a good relationship with our kids but I'm not sure how they are going to take this.
DD is working full time while going to college and DS is also working a food service job and raising his son.
I know neither one of them has a lot of extra money, but neither do I and we (hubby and I) need to be saving for retirement.
Both kids have their own student loans to pay back too.
But they have the rest of their lives to pay it back, and we are not that for away from retirement.
So, wish we luck as I talk to my kids about money.
But. it's time.

$2 for the challenge

May 7th, 2007 at 01:25 pm

I had a no-spender on Sunday. I never even left my house.
But on Saturday I ventured out to Walmart for grocery shopping and I saved $2 with coupons and other offers.

$388.09 new balance

CVS & Walgreens savings

May 2nd, 2007 at 09:23 am

I saved $8 at CVS last night on purchases with two of my ExtraCare CVS coupons.
And I saved $3.19 at Walgreens on a buy one-get-one free deal on almonds.
So I am adding $11.19 to my challenge money.
It does take time and effort to keep up with the sales and coupons, so I am using these savings for my challenge money.
This forum really keeps me motivated to save where ever and when ever I can.
Previous balance = 377.90
+ 8.19
New balance = $386.09

Suze Orman wisdom

May 1st, 2007 at 12:37 pm

I read one of Suze Orman's first books, (can't remember the name, maybe it was "9 steps to financial freedom?" yeah, I think that was it) read it many years ago, and always remembered the part where she talked about, "Taking care of your money, and more will come to you."
Something like, if you are good to your money, more will come to you, even out of the blue.
And since I have been on savingadvice.com since January, I have read a lot of folks reporting they received, "A check came in the mail today!"
I was always thinking, "I wish I could get some checks in the mail I wasn't expecting."

Well, yesterday I did!
A dividend check from StateFarm Insurance.
I have no idea why I got it but it was for $125.40 I was so happy and excited.
I immediately thought about old Suze Orman, and I think . . NO, I know she was right about that concept.

previous balance = 252.50
new balance = $377.90