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Updating my challenge money

May 29th, 2007 at 10:10 am

392.09 = old balance
+80.00 savings
472.09 = new balance

I have not been updating my savings to my $20 challenge, so I have a lot to update here.
Not eating lunch out = 10 days X $4 per day = $40 savings.

Saved $10 with coupons on Saturday.

Got another $30 CVS gift card for transferring a prescription. Used the $30 gift card to buy things we normally use. In other words, I feel like I really saved $30.

This is how I do my challenge. Things that I really have to work for; clip coupons, watch the adds, shop around.

And, I love to eat out, so not eating out is a sacrifice for me, and I add that money.

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