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Suze Orman wisdom

May 1st, 2007 at 12:37 pm

I read one of Suze Orman's first books, (can't remember the name, maybe it was "9 steps to financial freedom?" yeah, I think that was it) read it many years ago, and always remembered the part where she talked about, "Taking care of your money, and more will come to you."
Something like, if you are good to your money, more will come to you, even out of the blue.
And since I have been on savingadvice.com since January, I have read a lot of folks reporting they received, "A check came in the mail today!"
I was always thinking, "I wish I could get some checks in the mail I wasn't expecting."

Well, yesterday I did!
A dividend check from StateFarm Insurance.
I have no idea why I got it but it was for $125.40 I was so happy and excited.
I immediately thought about old Suze Orman, and I think . . NO, I know she was right about that concept.

previous balance = 252.50
new balance = $377.90

1 Responses to “Suze Orman wisdom”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Since I have been on this forum, I get checks in the mail all the time. I save them for the $20 challenge.

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