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weekend spending

October 12th, 2010 at 10:47 am

Sorry, this is a boring blog post. Just recording my spending and saving.
I know I have been spending too much money on stuff, so I thought I would start recording it here to see just how much I have spent and on what.
I plan to do this all month. Then I can go back and take a look and add it all up.

Found money = $.04 over the weekend.
Old found money total = $1.51
New total = $1.55

Found money, Monday = $.13
new total = $1.68

Spending, Friday =
Walmart = $70.70 includes a BD gift for a party my DGS went for $17.00.

Spending Saturday =
Walmart = $80.00 groceries and household stuff.
saved $5.05 with coupons. This will go into my $20 challenge.
J.C. Penney's = 49.75. Sheet set, one pair Levi's for DGS, two new wash cloths.
Saved $30 with coupons.
Add this to $20 challenge.
old $20 challenge total = $22.51
+ 25.05=

New $20 challenge total = $47.56

Spending, Sunday =
McDonalds = $5.88
Church = $200.00

Monday spending =
Yoga class = $3
Child care = $20
grocery store = $6.97

1 Responses to “weekend spending”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Good job on writing everything down!!

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