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$20 challenge

October 5th, 2010 at 06:55 am

Spending -- weekend and Monday.

I didn't have a chance to record my spening since last Friday so here goes.
I am recording all my spending (besides regular bills) here because every time I try to use a small notebook and pen in my purse I end up forgetting or misplacing my notebook or something happens.
So,,,, since I always know where to find my blog, here goes.
Saturday --
$22.00 - Dollar General - cleaning supplies, and stuff, stock up. Saved $11.00 with coupons.
$87.00 - Walmart - groceries and Halloween costume for DGS. saved $10 with coupons.

Monday --
$3.00 - Yoga class
$10.00 - baby sitter
$3.40 - McDonald's Happy meal for DGS
$17.50 -- grocery store, food.

I found 11 cents in change yesterday

I am starting my $20 challenge, for the year, with my coupon savings and my found money. (I know it's late but I have just recently returned to SA).

Coupons = $21.00
Found money total = $.88

$20 challenge = $21.88, this is going into my new living room furniture fund. Yay!

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