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Read Opus

March 3rd, 2008 at 11:00 am

If you get the cartoon "Opus" in your Sunday comics section you should read the one for yesterday. It was a funny take on the government stimulus package.
I have not updated my $20 challenge money in awhile.
I have saved about $10 with coupons on items we use regularly at the grocery stores.
Previous total = $29.78
New total = $39.78
I continue to search for coins (hopefully bills too) on the ground while I am out, and since the last time I updated that total I have found $.40.
FOTG (found on the ground) money =
Old total = $.43
New total = $.83.

3 Responses to “Read Opus”

  1. HELPmeFriend Says:

    I love found money. I pick it up everytime.

  2. boomeyers Says:

    This is a hot topic on the blog today, eh!

  3. Broken Arrow Says:

    Hhaaha, that cartoon is hilarious! Thanks for letting me know. http://www.cartoonistgroup.com/store/add.php?iid=22126

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