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Deal or No Deal?????

February 9th, 2008 at 11:05 am

I was going through a stack of mail today that had accumulated on the kitchen counter, sorting through the credit card offers, bills, junk mail, and other stuff.
I came across an offer to renew a car warranty on my daugters car. I tossed it in the garbage saying in my best game-show voice, "No deal."
Amusing myself, I went on to an offer for a magazine subscription. Tossing it into the garbage I shouted, "No deal."
I was getting good at this.
I love watching Howie Mandel and the Deal or No Deal show. I sure would like to get picked to be on that show. I don't think I would blow my chance at some big money like some people to do at the end. It seems like they just get greedy or insane I'm not sure which. But it just kills me when they give up a $100,000 offer and end getting $10 or something.
I've even thought, "Maybe on the first offer if they offered me $25,000, I might just quit while I was ahead. "Deal, deal." I would say. No, just kidding.
But going through my junk mail today, I was thinking how these companies are trying to get me to give up my money.
So, NO DEAL! Capitol One. NO DEAL! Chase. NO DEAL! Magazine subscriptions.
I'll just keep my money thank you.

1 Responses to “Deal or No Deal?????”

  1. JanH Says:

    I keep getting stuff from the cable company wanting me to "consolidate" all my services for an introductory price that lasts only a couple of months...NO DEAL! I also get the one that wants to give us a car warranty. I pondered the fact that they say "your vehicle" and don't even name the one I have. I don't think they even know what I have--they are just fishing, I think. Way to go on resisting those "deals!"

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