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CVS = $30 gift card

February 8th, 2007 at 07:47 am

We received, in the mail, a coupon from CVS pharmacy/drug store for a $30 gift card with every prescription transferred there from another pharmacy, or any new prescription.
So I went for it. I have previously had my prescriptions filled at Walgreens, but I don't feel any kind of loyalty to Walgreens. I got the $30 gift card on one prescription already.
I have another coupon and will transfer another today.
I am going to be frugal use the $30 gift cards to CVS for items I would have bought anywyay, like vitamins, makeup, and such.
It almost feels too good to be true.
I hope I am happy with the pharmacy at CVS.
I guess I could always change again.
But for now I am loving it!
And it feels like money I could add to the challenge.
$172.75 = old balance
+ 30.00 = $202.75 new balance

2 Responses to “CVS = $30 gift card”

  1. living_in_oz Says:

    Where the heck is CVS in Pittsburg?!LOL

  2. librarylady Says:

    Sorry, I'm in Texas!

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