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Frustrated, but committed

January 29th, 2007 at 02:06 pm

I am a little frustrated with trying to save money right now.
I tried to implement the envelope system with our food for one week.
I put $200 in the envelope and DH and I headed to Walmart. We buy all of our groceries there because it is cheaper than the other three grocery stores in town. Up to $1 or more cheaper on items that we buy all the time.
We do buy other things there as well. Diapers for our grandson, paper products, cleaners, persoanl hygiene items, things like that. hink $200 per week will be about right. Our total bill was $166. Then we went to another store and spent $25 more. For a total of $191. So we have $9 left until next Saturday for any other food items.
We have never tried this before and DH is not as gung ho about it as I am. He says he is, but then he bought a huge packagae of rib-eyes. $28 worth. I guess as long as we don't buy spend more than $9 before Saturday on food, then it will be a success.
I am learning here on the SA website and other bloggers that it doesn't have to be perfect.
Just the act of paying attention and trying to save is helpful.
We always spent whatever we wanted to on food. DH never wanted to spend too much money eating out. But buying groceries, he never griped about. But I always noticed that our biggest expenditures every month were at the grocery store.
The envelope method will probably help us not spend so much.
But then there is my son, who seems to be in la la land about money, and we are supporting him and his son, while our son finishes his education.
I will have to educate him about money, but he has so much going on right now with his X and trying to raise a 2-year old . . . that my finances are not the most important topic to him right now.
I gave him $100 cash in an envelope on Saturday and told him that was his money for the next week and to try to make it last. ( He has to drive an hour both ways to his school five days per week.)
I will be interested to know how long it lasts him.
He did get his part time job back this week, so maybe that will help.
DH is doing insurance adjusting and will have to go back to work soon as we are running out of money.
I hate for him to be gone for several months but we have to have an income.
I didn't spend .75 in the candy machine at work today on those M&Ms I was craving, so I will add that to my $20 challenge money. Good for my savings and good for my diet. Hoooorrrayyy!
Spent$3.50 on Sunday newspapers yesterday for the ads and coupons.
Spent $7.56 at the P.O. today for postage and to stock up on stamps.
Otherwise I have been sticking close to home and saving money.

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