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Finally getting the hang of this

January 16th, 2007 at 10:05 am

I am starting out my $20 challenge with the money I rolled from our coin jars.
Then the $30 saving at Walmart.
$111.00 coin jar.
$30.00 Walmart savings
$3.00 talked hubby out of going to Walmart just for deoderant
Woohoo! Adds up!

Also, I started using cold water for the washing machine, for everything except the towels and sheets.
I hadn't even notice that I was using warm water for the rinse until I read it on here. So now using cold water rinse when washing in hot water now too.
Was washing most clothes in warm water with cold water rinse.
Now using cold/cold for clothes.
Have no idea what to say that saves me per load.

Wanted to go to Penney's yesterday to look for a jacket for work on the clearance sales, but talked myself out of it.
So. . . really haven't been out since Sunday to spend any money.
Son had to get a motel roon last night though, so that was an unfortunate expense. Oh well, at least he wasn't driving on the ice and snow!

4 Responses to “Finally getting the hang of this”

  1. nitajaye Says:

    Knowing your son was safe PRICELESS

  2. JanH Says:

    I sent DD back to school early because I didn't want her to drive on ice today. Getting that phone call that she made it was a huge relief. I'm glad your son was okay!

  3. crazyliblady Says:

    Hi, LibraryLady. I am a librarian in a state university library, too. What area of the country do you work in?

  4. librarylady Says:

    Hi crazy!
    I live in Texas. Where are you?

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