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Darn computer

June 6th, 2011 at 06:02 pm

I typed up a long entry and my computer blimped out and I lost the whole thing. It was weird.
Let me continue.

So, I went to the doctor around 4:30 and he did give me a prescription for a Z-pack of antibiotics and a steroid shot for inflamation. (I didn't know I needed steroids for inflamation but that's what I got).

I went to the pharmacy that is closest to my doctor's office to get the prescription filled so I wouldn't use a lot more gas going out of my way.
Then I went immediately to pick up DGS and drove home

Copay at doctor = $25
prescription = $13.29
Total = $38.29
cost of feeling better = Priceless!

I was pondering, before I went to the doctor, where I would go to get my prescription filled if he gave me one. I thought about Target. If I wasn't doing this challenge I would have gone to Target to "shop around" while my prescription was being filled.
I am a shopaholic. I don't spend a lot of money on big ticket items or anything, but I love a sale. I love the clearance aisles at Target. A few small purchases here and there add up.
So my goal is to stay out of stores for 10-days.
The pharmacy I went to had plenty of stuff to look at but I chose to sit in one of the chairs they had provided for waiting.
Yay me!
So, I am going to continue my 10-day no spend challenge because it is working for me to get me back into frugalness.

1 Responses to “Darn computer”

  1. snafu Says:

    Just to know for the future...every pharmacy seems to have their own pricing for the product and dispensing fee. It's worth the effort to call several outlets on your general route to ask price for whatever prescriptions you have on hand. [WalMart, Target, fav. grocery, Costco, discount pharmacy {only sell prescriptions}, major chain like CVS etc]. Ask colleagues at work, friends, relatives where they get meds and why.

    I offer this suggestion because I save $20. ea. month for DH's cholesterol pills at Costco instead of discount pharmacy we'd used for years. Someone at work mentioned they get meds and buy gas at Costco because it's the cheapest place in our city.

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