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No magazine subscription for me

January 7th, 2008 at 03:32 am

I had a telephone call from Dial-America-Marketing on Saturday. They wanted me to renew my magazine subscription to Reader's Digest. The proceeds also benefit MD Anderson Cancer Center. I have ordered magazines through Dial-America several times, but this year, I am trying to be a lot more frugal, thus I told the salesman no on the phone. He went on to say how surprised he was by my declining the offer.
I told him that I since gasoline and groceries have gone up so much, I just did not feel like I could afford a magazine subscription at this time.
He again tried to "sell" me.
Then I said, "I am trying not to spend too much so that I can have some money some day and retire with dignity."
He just laughed and thanked me for my past support.
I thought it was funny that he started laughing. I don't guess anyone is ever that honest about it.
At least I didn't yell his head off. Smile
Besides, my mother gave me a lot of her old magazines that will last me several weeks, and I'm sure I can get others for free as well. So yea me!

3 Responses to “No magazine subscription for me”

  1. mom-from-missouri Says:

    We often give magazine subscriptions as gifts in our family. My husband gets National Geographic from his former grandma in law(his first wife is deceased-she was hergrandma), and my kids get National Geographic for kids from an aunt, as well as a family craft & cooking type of magazines.
    They make a nice gift for someone who has everything. We do all the magazine ordering thru a website where my daughters Bible bowl quiz team gets 40% of the sales, through their former school.

  2. simple987 Says:

    my house is back to back with an elementary school, which has 3 paper recycling dumpsters. If I walk 50 feet out my back fence I get every magazine I could every want.

  3. luxliving Says:

    Congrats for hanging tough.

    Most libraries have a nice selection of magazines you can read on site.

    Peckerwood, for laughing!! Wink We have to do, what we have to do, if others fail to understand it, then so be it.

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