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savings, savings, everywhere

January 16th, 2007 at 08:20 pm

It will be back to work for me tomorrow at noon. They think ice will be melted enough to drive around at that time.
I'm ready. It's been a VERY long weekend.

This four day weekend of reading these blogs and spending more time thinking about money has helped me get focused on saving on everyday things.

I have been eating too much fast food for lunch and knew I was spending too much on that junk.
I used to never eat out at lunch.
Tomorrow I am taking part of the stew I cooked for supper tonight, along with some of the cornbread.
Well, I guess I will take it on Thursday since I don't go to work until noon tommorow.
It has been a good saver not to be driving the vehicles for a few days.
Son made it home safely tonight after spending last night in hotel.
Thank you God!
I bought my makeup on Ebay today.
Started splurging and buying the bare minerals makeup a few months ago.
Really do like it, and found it cheaper on Ebay.
About $8.

Noticed others have what I call their anti shopping lists. Here is mine:

1. Dog toys (she always tears up everyone I buy)

2. Magazines I don't do this too much anyway, but they are so expensive. You read it once and then it lays around the house.

3. Stuff for grandson, clothes, toys, books . . . stuff. He has everything he needs right now. He is just so much fun to buy for.

4. garage sales, estate sales. I love estate sales, but I really don't even have time for them right now.

I have a list of things I need. For example, wiper blades for my car and mats for my car.
So when I think about spending on things that are fun, I try to think about things that I need.
That way I have money for things that I need. But so boring.

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